"to serve" in Finnish

Founded and led by life sciences and rare disease industry veterans, Palvella is committed to serving patients with serious, debilitating rare, genetic diseases through the development and commercialization of life-changing, pathogenetically-targeted therapies.


Rapidly Develop and Commercialize First and Only Approved Therapies for Serious, Debilitating Rare Diseases

Exclusive Focus on Highest Unmet Need Corridor of Rare Diseases…Rare Diseases with No Treatments

Our founders and leadership team hold the belief that introducing the first approved therapy for a serious, debilitating rare disease represents the greatest opportunity to positively impact the lives of a previously neglected rare disease patient population that had not heretofore benefitted from a single available treatment.        

Pathogenetically-targeted Therapies for Monogenic Diseases

Palvella’s innovative therapies are designed to target with high specificity the underlying genetic cause driving the disease process, and in doing so maximizing the therapeutic impact for patients.  Our therapeutic approaches are tailored specifically to a target rare disease and can involve either novel mechanistic approaches or optimizing existing molecules with well-accepted therapeutic mechanisms into high unmet need rare diseases.                   

Highly Capital Efficient and Collaborative Business Model Enables Speed to Market

Business model predicated on leveraging deep relationships with global experts in the areas of genetics, novel formulation development, clinical development, orphan drug regulatory strategy, and patient advocacy to mitigate risk and ensure overarching objective of timely regulatory approval and commercialization is fully achieved.